Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hiking with friends is like free therapy

Workout - 1 hr hike with a great friend

I'm never sure what my workouts are going to look like on Saturdays because often the hubby has to go into the office for a few hours (he's a really hard worker and great provider for our family). So a lot of morning I find myself carrying on business as usual with the kiddos while he's at the office so we can have a fun family day together just the 4 of us after lunch and naps. But on the occasion that he is lucky enough to stay home for the morning I get to either go on a solo run (a rare treat right now - but I don't really mind I actually like to run with my kiddos) or I get to go hiking with my good friends.  
Lucky for us we live right next to a wilderness park so trails for great hiking are basically in our backyard. So today I was lucky enough to get to tag along with my good friend Kathleen on her saturday morning hike. It was great! Let me tell ya getting to be outdoors in a beautiful location with your friends, chatting and working' up a sweat getting moving is basically free therapy. We talked about anything and everything (our kiddos are similar ages and spacing) and we talked about a lot of nothing too. It's great to spend time as just the girls.  I felt so rejuvenated when I got home ready to conquer the weekend's busy schedule! 

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