Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Two a day Tuesday | Open Gym

AM Workout - 3 miles outside pushing the kiddos with a friend (5.88/60 for #60bySpring)

Ok friends let me tell you about this run it was awesome. I love running with Jessica because we are training for the same 10k. Yep that's right I talked her into running it with me. Anyways we both push each other which is great. This time we ran around a local lake that's about a mile around once and we were able to make it 3/4 of a mile without stopping. Now this is a major big deal for me because less than a month ago running for 30sec was a struggle for me. Remember I only had the little prince 5 1/2 months ago! So I'm really proud of the progress I've been making. And in order to keep pushing myself I've joined with ToneItUp.com community for a #60bySpring challenge to run/walk/jog 60 miles by the first day of Spring less than a month left!

PM Workout - Bikini Series Sunset Workout from ToneItUp.com

After our awesome run we had a yummy snack of Noosa Youghurt we ran into some sales reps passing out samples on our run can you say score?! It was a great and delicious protein punch after a great run.
Source: google images
This stuff tasted like candy but I'm a sucker for lemon anything.
After our yummy snack we killed some time at the local public library before it was time for Open Gym at children's gymnastics club. The little princess loves books so we had to check out a few and she's on a MAJOR Babar kick right now so naturally two of them had to be Babar books. Then as her reward for being such a good girl on my run it was off to Open Gym for "nyastics" as the little princess calls it. This girl loves to play on all the gymnastics equipment and bounce on all the trampolines and jump in the foam pits. I think her favorite part is the toddler room though because everything is her size and there are usually fewer kids in there than the "big" gym. 

Walking the "tight rope" she told me so
And the little prince was just as happy as can be practicing his new trick of sitting unsupported and watching his big sister have fun.
Showing off his new trick and watching his sister with a huge smile on his face he thinks she's the best thing ever (after Momma of course)

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