Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Tangents - Coloring is Serious Business, and a Fun Run

Friday - yoga
Saturday - short jog
Sunday - rest
Monday - 5 miles with Jessica and all out kiddos to one of our favorite spots
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - 2.5 miles with the jogger

I've been trying to really extend my miles lately seeing as how I have a race coming up soon. But let me tell you it's really hard to do with the jogging stroller, those kiddos are heavy let me tell you. Ha.

But there's nothing better than running with friends and Jessica has to be one of m favorite running buddies. Plus, huge bonus our kids are friends so they help keep each other company! We love to run near this regional park by her house and when we are feeling the need for more miles we almost always stop by this old house and little bridge. It is so pretty and shady and the kids just love to get our and stretch their legs at the half way point.

In none running news we have been sticking around the house a lot lately mainly due to the amount of running I've been doing, it kinda throws the little prince's nap schedule off a bit so I like to make sure his afternoon nap is a good solid in the crib kind of nap. So on days when we stay home the little princess does  a lot of coloring and art projects. She doesn't seem to mind and wants you to know coloring is serious business.
We don't just stick around the house though the little princess does need time to just run free and be active. So we like to explore the park near our house, be silly and maybe even hug a tree.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Tangents

Tuesday - 2.5 miles with the jogger
Wednesday - 2.5 miles with the jogger

After our jog on Wednesday we went on an adventure to an outdoor mall near where we live. Almost every time we go to this mall the little princess asks to go on the merry go round and today we had my mom (aka Nana) with us so I finally let her. And let me tell you she was the happiest little girl you ever did see.