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Hi I'm Ashley!

Nice to meet ya!
Thanks for stopping by!

 I'm starting XoXo-Ash to have a place to document my journey to regain myself after having my little prince. So I guess you could call this blog one Momma-of-two's quest to be a healthy, happy, confident woman.

I'm the mom of a crazy, high energy, camera ham, show off, sunshiney (yes I make up my own words) beautiful, sweet, generous but bossy 2 1/2 year old princess; and a kissable, handsome, cheerful, sweet, silly 4 1/2 month old prince.

I'm not a fitness expert. I would call myself a novice runner. I'm not claiming to be an expert. 

BUT ...

I believe that fitness is for anyone and everyone! I believe that healthy and strong is the new sexy not "thin." I believe that everyday is a new day and we can choose joy! I believe that anyone can be a runner! I believe that motherhood and womanhood are sacred callings! I believe in a Father in Heaven who loves each of us and is proud of our efforts. We are daughters of a King let's embrace it!

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