Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting back on the blogging track

Sorry for the break in posting the little prince has been teething and it's kinda thrown a wrench in my blogging. Oh well life happens and teething bites we get over it and move on!

Playing catch-up

Saturday- yoga with my sister
Sunday - rest
Monday- run outside (4.5 miles) with a friend pushing the babes {I ran half and walked the other half a new record for me a mile straight of running!!}
Tuesday- 20 min leg workout love your legs and booty from
Wednesday - 20 min Love Your Body HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout for & the Total Body Love Your Body series workout from

As you can tell I've really been loving the ToneItUp workout this past week. They are so good you really work up a sweat, they are short but super effective so I can fit them in my day, like I said the little prince is teething so my days have been a little off lately.

Saturday we were able to spend some time at the park enjoying our perfect weather it had just rained and was still chilly but not to the point where you needed a heavy (for California) jacket.

Sunday was Church and family time. We celebrated all the February birthdays (there are 4 3 SIL's and 1 nephew) at Grandma and Grandpa's (the Hubby's parents) the little princess had fun picking out a gift for her cousin we got him a nerf gun. Dinner was yummy my SIL's requested stuffed shells and luckily my nephew also likes stuffed shells so he was good with the decision too. I knew there would be cake and I didn't want to be tempted so I made my own dessert that was only 4 PointsPlusWW point - recipe to come in another post.

Monday - got a text from a good friend who's training for the same 10K I'm running in March (I actually talked her into running it with me) asking if I wanted to run with her and I'm so glad she did I was actually thinking of skipping my run on monday because I haven't been sleeping well due to how restless the little prince has been because of teething. But in the end I ended up loading the kids in the stroller and joining her for a 4.5 mile hilly run (we walked the ups and ran all the downs) and it felt great. However, I did NOT drink enough water so I had a splitting heartache the rest of the day. Drink your water people when you exercise it is so so so important. Hydration is key!

Tuesday - had a day at home trying to keep my house back in order I've been in spring cleaning mode. A couple different friends came over throughout the day to go through all the old baby girl clothes that we have been storing in the garage and we getting ready to donate. So it was fun to see all the outfits the princess used to wear when she was a wee thing. Yes I did save all my absolute favorites to hand down to my sister and other sentimental reasons.

Wednesday- yesterday. We were invited to go play at the play area of a local outdoor mall to take advantage of the good weather (but we really need rain this drought is serious) and we decided to go. My little princess is so shy at first and wants to be right by my side (which i love and hate at the same time) but she eventually warmed up and was off playing with her friends and being brave all by herself. So as a reward for her bravery we got a treat from the Nordstrom e-bar while the little prince had his bottle; the princess got a fudge brownie, I got a fruit cup and she stole all my strawberries.

Weekly Goals
We will get back to weekly goals next week

But let's check in on last weeks goals
1. Go to bed at or before 11pm - half check I was better but there were still a couple nights I could have been way better and gotten off the computer and gone to bed.
2, 2 strength training workout - check. check!
3. eat fruits and veggies at every meal including snacks - fail really need to work on this one!

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