Saturday, February 15, 2014

What we've been up to

Workout - Rest

I wasn't planning on a rest day but earlier in the week my mom gifted me a mani/ pedi while she watched my kids! So nice to be the one getting pampered for an hour. Anyway I took advantage on Monday but on my left big toe part of my cuticle was I guess cut to close and it kinda split open a little after yesterdays workout so a forced rest day for me. Oh well it's better to run healthy than keep working up an injury. I soaked my toe in hydrogen peroxide a couple times and that seems to have done the trick!

For Valentine's a bunch of my friends and I all got together at a local park with our littles for a Valentine's cookie decorating party. The kids decorated a couple sugar cookies each and then just ran free at the park for a couple hours. It was so fun. The little princess is usually so shy and timid and insists that I stay right by her the whole time. But at the party she really came out of her shell a little bit and after my friend Bessie walked her over to where her daughter A was playing (one of the the little princess' favorite friends) the little princess was off and running with the rest of the kiddos. It made me proud and a little sad at the same time my baby girl is getting big! She would of course come check on me and the little prince to update us and make sure we were watching!

Other goings on from the day included exersaucer time for the prince her sure loves that thing

A pedicure for the little princess. Her nails needed to be "so pretty" for her playdate with H and baby C tonight while my friend watched our kiddos so we could go out! We are trying out a babysitting exchange with them once a month they watch our kiddos and we watch their girls another night that month = free baby-sitting for date night one night a month.

In other news the little prince has grown out of most of his 3-6 month clothes so now it's on to the 6-9 months clothes. Which means massive mountains of laundry all over my house while I'm transitioning his entire closet and dresser from one size to the next. Its a whole lot'o laundry.

Workout - 40 min jog outside SOLO - the hubby offered to go into work late (yes he works on Saturdays way too much for my liking but someone has to pay the bills) so that I could get in a solo run!!! I ran half the time and walked the other half {I'm improving!}

Here's what my playlist looks like for runs I'm not chatting with friends during. Can I tell you how much I am loving listening to General Conference talks from the October 2013 LDS General Conference! I never feel like I am able to listen to these talks when they are given because let's face it watching conference with a toddler presents certain shall we say challenges. But listening to them while I'm running is great. I really feel like I'm able to listen and workout the messages for myself. I didn't think I'd be able to run to something other than music but it's been great. I run faster and the time passes more quickly without me noticing when I'm listening to Conference talks. So I highly recommend it!
The rest of the day was more or less business as usual around here. Still sifting through mountains of laundry! Grocery shopping. And other odds and ends around the house.

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