Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Recap and Weekly Goals

Workout -  20 min yoga workout from New video ~ BEACH YOGA ☀

Saturday was a little crazy! The Hubby had to go into work super early and it was a weekend day (boo hoo | ok pity party over) so I was at home with the kiddos. It was crazy windy outside so my morning run was out. As much as I love my jogger it's like a wind sail on a windy day, I'm all for a good sweat but it's like trying to control a sailboat not a stroller ... no thanks! So it was off to the grocery store with both kiddos in tow first thing in the morning. I'm sure we were quite the sight the little process did not want to change out of her jams and I didn't want to fight her on it so to the store in jams she went. The little prince was also in warm jams but hey he's only 5 months old so it's no biggie for him. And then there was me in my yoga pants, fleece pullover (it's comfort all the way for me when it's weekend errands with the kiddos sans hubby), the process was in the stroller and the little prince got to snooze in the Ergo Baby. After groceries it was back home to actually get ready for the day, eat lunch and have a business as usual kind of day.

Workout - rest

Sunday we had church and it was fast and testimony meeting during Sacrament (one Sunday a month - usually the first Sunday our Church abstains from 2 meals and donates the money we would have spent on those meals as fast offerings to be used to help those in need feed their families and then during Sacrament meeting those wishing to do so may share their testimony). I actually really love fast and testimony Sundays I feel more refreshed than I usually do from Church on a fast sunday. After Church the Hubby helped the Deacons (12-14 yr old young men) collect fast offerings while I feed the kiddos lunch. Then it was nap time for the princes and playtime with Mommy for the princess until it was time to take a salad to make and take over to Nana and Papa's (my parents) for the Supper Bowl.

Last week's Goals
1. fill water bottles in the morning to drink more water a day - check! I ended up drinking way more water than usual woot woot
2. three (3) training runs - check! I clocked 10 miles last week (this is huge for me)
3. go to bed at or before 11pm each night - epic fail! guys I was so bad about going to bed early last week 

This Week's Goals
1. Go to bed at or before 11pm 
2, 2 strength training workout
3. eat fruits and veggies at every meal including snacks

Workout - 2.5 miles outside (jog/walk) pushing my munchkins
my selfie for the #mnbchallenge #sweatpink

post run snack I kiwi fruit Yum Yum

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