Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Change it up | circuit training run

Workout - Circuit training run (details below)

Today I thought I would change things up a bit and make up my own circuit training run to push my muscles into fat burning mode (I hope).  There's a park near where we lives that has a paved trail around the field area that is 1/4 mile once around so that's were we headed (plus the little princess would be able to get her wiggles out after the run) So here's what I did.

Circuit Training Run:
Warm up lap at a brisk walk
Run/ jog 1 (one) lap
20 single leg front back lunges

  • Start with feet should width apart. step forward into a front lunge with your right leg. come back to center only tap your toe to the ground. with the same leg (right leg) step back into a back lunge.  come back to center. that's one rep. x20 switch sides
Run/jog 1 (one) lap
20 push ups
Run/jog 1 (one) lap
20 crunches
Run/jog 1 (one) lap
20 side lunges (each side)
Cool down lap

Feeling great!
She's always happy when the run's over and she gets to play
Keeping hydrated!!!

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