Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Workin' it Wednesday | Princess Party

AM Workout - Abs with the abs playlist
PM Workout - Arms with the Pura Vida slim and toned arms workout from

If you couldn't tell I'm on a kick this week. I'm trying to follow their weekly workout schedule. It's fun to try new workouts and really push yourself with new exercises! I'm loving it so far and I'm really hoping that by mixing it up I'll be able to push through my weight loss plateau my weigh-ins have been slightly disappointing the past couple weeks so I'm mixing things up.

Today the little princess got to go to one of her little friends birthday parties. It was a girls only party and was princess themed. All the girlies dressed up in princess dresses, played, had a tea party and ate cupcakes. A perfect party in my little princesses eyes!

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